The True Power of Amazon

Buying products on Amazon is a great way to save money. You’ll often find cheaper prices than you would at other stores, and the convenience of being able to order something from your couch cannot be beaten.

Some other advantages of buying on Amazon are that you can buy products directly from the source, not a third party seller. This means there’s less chance of getting scammed or buying something counterfeit because it’s coming straight from an authorized dealer. You also don’t need to pay for shipping (unless the item is over $25) and any items under $35 will be shipped free using Super Saver Shipping on orders with at least five eligible items.


Many people like shopping on Amazon because they have great customer service so if your product doesn’t arrive within its estimated time frame, you’ll usually receive a prompt refund or replacement order upon contacting them about it. The other added bonus about being able to contact someone quickly in this day and age is that issues can often be resolved quickly which is not always the case with other companies these days.

Some of the disadvantages to buying something on Amazon are that you cannot physically see or touch it before purchasing it, so if your product arrives damaged or doesn’t look like what was advertised online, you’ll have a hard time trying to get your money back for whatever reason. This can be easily avoided by reading reviews left by previous customers who’ve bought the same item as well as looking at pictures of each individual listing. You also don’t receive coupons when shopping on Amazon and sometimes items will go out-of-stock right away after they’re posted because people buy them up so fast!

There are some scammers who sell fake products on Amazon though but that’s just the risk you take when shopping on any online marketplace. It’s important to only purchase from sellers with high ratings and good reviews because it usually means they’re an authorized dealer of the product. If someone did get your credit card information while making a transaction, contact Amazon immediately so that you can be refunded (or ask for them to cancel the order).