Smart Steps to a Smoother Move

It’s time to pack up and move! But wait, how do you know what to do? Fear not – we have the perfect guide for moving. From packing tips, to who is responsible for what on your new property.

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Packing tips: don’t pack things that you might need later, such as winter clothes if you are moving in the summer. Label your boxes accordingly so they can be unpacked easily when it’s time to unpack them at your new home.

Who is responsible for what? The person who owns the property may want a list of any furniture or appliances that were included with the house and where they are located now (especially big items like washing machines). Make sure you know which fees have been paid before handing over keys!

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You need to know if the company offers storage, so you can plan accordingly. They can store some things, such as furniture or large appliances, while you live in the house. But they cannot store everything.

If your moving costs are a lot more than expected, this could be for several reasons:

You underestimated how much stuff you had to move? This can happen when people don’t go through their possessions before packing them up and labeling boxes! They may think that they have less stuff because they forgot about some of it (e.g., under beds) but then someone else unpacks all those spaces later on and finds fifty things they didn’t know were there! It happens all the time so make sure not to forget anything!!

– Your final destination is further away from your starting point than you thought? Long-distance moves often end up with bigger costs than expected.