As part of the Program for the Revival of Investments and Modernization of Agricultural Holdings (PRIMEA), the partnership between ADECIA and DGFIOP / MARHP was launched on March 15, 2019 in Tunis, at the meeting of its Monitoring Committee composed of Prof. LAAJIMI, Chairman of the Committee and Director General of the DGFIOP and Mr. Hervé LEJEUNE, Project Leader and member of the CGAAER.
The PRIMEA program, funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the European Union for a total of € 76 million, combines DGFIOP and APIA. PRIMEA aims to improve the system of direct State aids for the financing of farm investments. Its implementation is expected to increase the competitiveness and modernization of around 60,000 Tunisian farms, thereby contributing to increased incomes and job creation in Tunisia’s most vulnerable rural areas.
Prof. LAAJIMI and Mr. LEJEUNE, in the presence of representatives of APIA, AFD, ADECIA and the French Embassy, ​​presented to Mr. Boubaker KARRAY, Chief of Staff of the Tunisian Minister of Finance. Agriculture, the objectives of the DGFIOP / ADECIA Convention and the associated work plan.
Mr KARRAY recalled the importance that the Minister brought to the rapid start of this ambitious project, to which he wished every success.
The first expert missions, devoted to the initial diagnostic phase, are scheduled to take place as early as May 2019.