The end of the twinning program between the Moroccan ONSSA, the French Ministry of Food and Agriculture, and the Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BVL) German (German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment)

On the 16th and 17th of May,  Rabat hosted the twinning seminar on “The control of phytopharmaceutical products, fertilizers and culture media in Morocco” implemented by Adecia on behalf of the French Ministry of Food and Agriculture in partnership with our German counterparts of the BVL . The Twinning program started in March 2015 for the general objective of providing farmers with effective plant protection products and fertilizers and avoiding unacceptable risks to human, animal and environmental health. It relied on a study with specific objectives: institutional strengthening and capacity building of the structures responsible for authorizing the marketing and control of plant protection products and fertilizers.

The Twinning in numbers:

26.5 months of cooperation

A budget of 1,200,000 €

66 expert missions of one week with one or two experts

400 days of experts in Morocco (experts from DGAL, ANSES and RITTMO)

13 study visits in France or Germany over a 16 weeks period

167 days of involvement of ONSSA executives