TAIEX : the results for the first quarter 2015 are very encouraging

After a positive balance sheet for 2014 the members of the ADECIA network have been very actively involved during the first quarter of 2015 in short-term cooperation projects financed by the EU instrument TAIEX. Since January, French experts have been involved in 18 TAIEX projects in agriculture in the context, not only of the pre-membership (IPA) and the European neighbourhood instruments (ENPI), but also from now on, with trading partners of the EU through the Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI).

Seven study trips on a variety of issues have been hosted in France. These included a study trip on the implementation of geographical indications and one on the implementation of the instruments of agricultural subsidies. Five expert missions and six contributions by French experts in TAIEX seminars abroad have had very positive, concrete results. One example was a mission to Tunisia by the Organic Agency on the monitoring of organic products.

Ten more projects have been scheduled for this Summer and the following months. The experts from the MAAF, ASP, FranceAgriMer, APCA, ANSS, INAO and GEVES have all cooperated in their respective fields in projects in Serbia, Lebanon, Algeria and Albania