Signature of the institutional partnership between France and Tunisia on the PACTE program


On Tuesday May 292018, the French and Tunisian Ministries of Agriculture signed an institutional partnership agreement for a period of 3 years and a half for a total amount of € 742,900 under the climate change adaptation program for vulnerable rural territories in Tunisia (PACTE).

This project follows a first successful partnership with ADECIA between the two ministries of agriculture on the framework funding program for watershed management (FCGBV) between 2014 – 2016 also funded by AFD. The current project is a deployment at the DGACTA level of the capacity building program initiated during the first partnership. It is articulated with a CIRAD project supporting territorial platforms with a view to setting up concertation on rural territories..

These two agreements focus on improving the capacity of Tunisian Ministry officials to promote rural development projects in consultation with local stakeholders and to monitor and manage them. This dimension is a guarantee of the success of the investments that will be made in the territories by AFD as part of the PACTE support program for a budget of 50 million euros. Ecologically and socially vulnerable rural territories are the priority targets of this program.