Senegal: signing of two partnerships between ADECIA and the horticulture and poultry clusters!

ADECIA has just signed two partnership agreements with the Senegalese horticulture (fruit and vegetable) and poultry clusters.

The objective of these clusters is to develop a training offer on specialized sectors, meeting the concrete and immediate needs of professionals in the sector. The organization of the clusters is mixed, with the participation of public and private actors in their own board of directors. The ambition on the long run is to make clusters the “strong arm” of future inter-professional training.

The 2 clusters are financed by the fund for vocational training for employment and competitiveness, who is funded by the AFD and the World Bank.

Their action involves the construction or upgrading of specialized training centers, the recruitment and training of trainers, and the setting up of curricula and training courses, whether this is initial or continuous, possibly in apprenticeship. The training will go from the CAP level to the BTS level.

ADECIA’s support for these two structures will focus on educational engineering support, in order to share our experience with French Ministry of Agriculture and its institutions in terms of technical training. Support missions will be completed by welcoming Senegalese trainees in French schools.

A first mission is being programmed, on the theme of the structuring of the fruit and vegetables inter-branch.