Seminar of international experts and 10 years of ADECIA

On December 15 2017, the International Experts Seminar was held in Paris at the Ministry of Agriculture. It was also the occasion to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of  ADECIA and 15 years of FVI.

This one-day seminar brought together around 150 participants, experts, directorates, partners, and funders. The day’s theme “international experts at the service of French influence, testimonials, and reflections” focused on the methods of action of the expertise, their strategy of influence at the service of the politics of France and its influence.

Led by Philippe Lefebvre, a journalist at France Inter, this meeting was an opportunity to share experiences with Bruno Ferreira, Deputy Director of the Cabinet for the Common Agricultural Policy and Diplomatic Relations.

After a review of the history of the creation of 2 Public Interest Groupings (GIPs) a description of their missions and their cumulative activity that mobilizes about 3000 man-day per year, the seminar was an opportunity to present the Ministry’s International-Europe Strategy.

Then followed project feedbacks and experiences sharing with the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, a partner in many projects. Finally, a Round Table: “How to better mobilize French public and private expertise internationally so that it contributes to the political and economic influence of France” followed by an intervention of the Directorates General of the Ministry concluded on the objectives and key points of international cooperation.