R&D on Jatropha as biofuel in West Africa (Mali and Burkina Faso)

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  • Assistance Technique


  • Recherche, formation et conseil agricole
  • Politiques publiques agricoles


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Date début du projet :

11 janvier 2011

Date fin du projet :

01 janvier 1970

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1,00 €

The FFEM (French GEF) funds a program to support and develop the farm sector of Jatropha biofuels in West Africa (Mali and Burkina Faso). Aims of the program are to generate additional income for farmers cultivating Jatropha used as biofuel (oil or biodiesel) that could partially replace the fuel consumed and consequently reduce oil imports and CO2 emissions. The program was based on three components :
  • Support national public institutions in charge of biofuels to implement public policies that foster the development of a sustainable industry of Jatropha, creating economic and social development.
  • Support private operators in Mali and Burkina Faso to implement research and produce knowledge, establishing confirmed benchmarks on the Jatropha value chain performance.
  • Encourage the structuring of the sector.
The results of the research are available through the following links :


Program beneficiaries in West Africa are the governments of Mali and Burkina Faso, operators developing projects of development of culture of Jatropha and research institutions (IER Mali and INERA in Burkina Faso).

Informations complémentaires (long terme)

Contact in Adecia : monique.tran@agriculture.gouv.fr