Prefiguration mission in Colombia for rural development

An agreement signed between AFD and Colombia proposes support for the implementation of peace agreements focused on component 1 of the peace agreements on integral rural development. This agreement is accompanied by a specific technical cooperation program for the Colombian Land Renovation Agency (ART) responsible for the effective implementation of a public policy of integral rural development. In this context, ADECIA has been identified by AFD to carry out an analysis of the needs of ART.

This prefiguration mission took place from January 22 to 31, 2018, and made it possible to diagnose the needs of the actors at the central and territorial level through the meeting of the main partners, as well as the other institutions involved in the implementation of rural development. in Colombia.

During the mission, the ADECIA team consisting of an expert from the CGAAER and an ADECIA project manager as well as representatives of the ART, the DNP and the AFD, were able to visit the Meta, on one of the territories formerly most affected by the armed conflict. Exchanges with local partners: mayor, representatives of the department and local communities, actors of agricultural development made it possible to carry out a shared diagnosis with the partners.

The main issues identified and proposals for action were presented to the Colombian authorities at the end of their mission.