Rural development


Our expertise

  • Definition and application of public policies for the development of rural areas
    Definition of strategies and tools for supporting rural areas; design of rural development measures to improve and modernise production infrastructure, protect the environment and manage natural resources, along with support for the diversification of the rural economy.
  • Support for the construction of local governance conducive to participatory development
    Improvement of the capabilities of local government and creation of participatory synergy between the various actors in rural development. Support for local actors in implementing their own regional strategies.
  • Assistance for land reform and security
    Diagnostic analysis of the existing situation, reform of administrative systems and land legislation; implementation of national and local programmes.

The value-added of our network

  • A shared vision plus a concrete, reproducible approach aimed at generating an inter-institutional “group” dynamic (involving ministries, agricultural development agencies, local government, etc.).
  • The know-how to identify sticking points and drive “good practice” with an insistence on ensuring accountability for those involved.
  • An innovative approach to vocational training
    Practical, scenario-based training, drafting of case studies for rural development measures, drafting of business plans, efforts to
    instil a sense of ownership by applying a “bottom-up” approach to rural development.

Our fields of expertise