Research, training and farm advisory


 Our expertise

  • Defining, guiding and implementing policies on training and educational engineering
    Support for the definition of the role of training institutions, the organisation of teaching and public-sector vocational education in agriculture.
  • Definition of reference criteria for training in conjunction with sector professionals
    Alignment of teaching goals with the actual needs of industry supply chains from production through to marketing.
  • Assistance in implementing advisory programmes for agricultural sector professionals
    Popularisation of farming techniques, capacity-building and support for professionals based on provision of advice and continuous training.
  • Support for implementation of research and innovation programmes co-constructed with sector professionals
    Applied research with specialist technical institutes and academic researchers.

The value-added of our network

  • A unique integrated approach
    It is a particular feature of France’s Agriculture Ministry that it has integrated technical and higher education in agriculture and vocational training along with research within a dedicated General Directorate (the General Directorate for Teaching and Research).
  • Close ties with sector professionals
    The expertise of France’s Agriculture Ministry is based on a long tradition of defining the supply of agricultural training in consultation with the farming world and the agrifood industry.
  • A culture based on networking and sharing
    A unified national network that brings all the specialist institutions together, enabling expertise to be shared.

Our fields of expertise