Plant health


Our expertise

Addressing goals and issues relating to food safety, and notably protection against the introduction and spread of pests, plant health and the compatibility of export products with European and international standards.

  • Harmonisation at national level of sanitary and phytosanitary measures (SPS) compatible with international standards and/or EU regulations (SPS Agreement of the World Trade Organisation, International Plant Protection Convention, European standards).
  • Assistance in implementing phytosanitary regulations; definition and verification.
  • Support for the implementation of new regulations. Reinforcement of the organisational structures of dedicated official administrations and institutions; management of phytosanitary crises and emergency plans; phytosanitary border controls; technical upgrading of inspection laboratory teams; inspections and audits of plant health and protection organisations; evaluation of phytosanitary risks.
  • Ensuring the accountability of all actors in the food supply chain from farm to fork with regard to surveillance, self-checks and inspection procedures.

The value-added of our network

  • Integrated, comprehensive control of health risks throughout the entire food supply chain from primary production to consumption.
  • An independent agency for the evaluation of phytosanitary risks: ANSES (the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety) has a network of four reference laboratories plus a quarantine facility and can call upon twenty or so laboratories in French territorial departments that have Ministry of Agriculture approval and ISO 17025 accreditation.
  • An uninterrupted nationwide chain of command that ensures the effectiveness essential to phytosanitary crisis management: the French official national plant protection organisation (ONPV) comprises a central administration and a network of regional departments providing a nationwide presence.

Our fields of expertise