Official signs of quality


Our expertise

  • Support for recognition of quality products by building and implementing a system to add value to, and promote quality in agricultural products using distinctive signs linked to origin (designations of origin and geographical indications) and/or quality signs (e.g. organic agriculture).
  • Harmonisation of the institutional and regulatory system with EU legislation.
  • A review of existing regulations, a proposal for their possible adaptation or system design plus communication of the legal aspects of protection for official product signs.
  • Training for national authorities, inspection bodies, actors on the ground and generally all partners with a view to implementation of a system for recognition and control of quality signs.
  • Creation of national signs for recognition; drafting of guides to recognition procedures, structuring industry sectors and campaigns to inform and raise the awareness of producers; implementation of systems for traceability and internal control.
  • Support for the recognition of “pilot” products to ensure the emergence of a quality-focused culture and taste among producers and consumers.

The value-added of our network

  • France set up the system for recognition of geographical indications over 80 years ago.
  • It was the French policy for adding value to agricultural and food products that inspired the drafting of EU regulations on protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications.
  • France is at the forefront of European countries with the largest number of PDO- and PGI-registered products.
  • It has three bodies dedicated to the development of subsectors covered by official quality and origin signs (INAO, Agence Bio and APCA).

Our fields of expertise