Agricultural Policy


Our expertise

  • Assistance in defining and implementing policies for agriculture
    Performing strategic foresight and reflective analysis; building public policies aimed at the economic development of agricultural subsectors applied to both production and processing and marketing, taking social and environmental impacts into account; monitoring, supervision and evaluation.
  • Support for agricultural subsectors and fisheries
    Support and assistance in organising producers and industry supply chains; support for joint agricultural trade representation organisations; application of policies to support and consolidate economic performance and competitiveness.
  • Organisation of the administrative and financial management of official aid
    Support for markets, individual subsectors, farmers & growers and investors.
  • Development of modern, reliable information systems
    Improving knowledge of the agrifood and agricultural sectors by collecting data and monitoring supply chain dynamics more effectively, plus strategic foresight analysis of agricultural markets.

The value-added of our network

  • Acknowledged experience
    Since 1998 France has provided support to many states in Eastern Europe and in the EU pre-accession and neighbourhood area, based on over 80 technical partnerships directed at building agricultural and rural development policies in the countries concerned.
  • France, agroecology’s flagship in Europe, is a builder of innovative territorial dynamics. Our country has set itself the goal of ensuring that the majority of its agricultural holdings will have committed to this economic, social and environmental process by 2025.
  • Charged with managing and disbursing the financial support provided by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the French Service and Payment Agency (ASP) pays €10 billion to 400,000 recipients (mainly farmers) every year. In terms of the scale of the European funds under its management, the ASP is Europe’s leading payment agency.

Our fields of expertise