Official launch of “quality products” Twinning program in Serbia

On 26 April 2018, the launching seminar of Twinning Program was held in Belgrade (Serbia) entitled “Strengthening capacities for implementation and further development of the legislative framework in the field of organic production and food quality policy”.

This twinning was won by a consortium Italy (leader) – France – Austria. It will focus on strengthening the capacity of the Serbian administration to implement signs of quality, both related to origin (PDO, PGI) and related to their mode of production (AB label).

This twinning, whose first activities took place last March, must last 2 years and mobilize the French public expertise (mainly of the Ministry of Agriculture and INAO) to about 150 man-day. The French experts will have to support the Serbian Ministry to make their organization evolve towards that of the Member States of the European Union.

The results to be achieved are as follows:
⇒ Harmonization of Serbian regulations for GI products and AB production with European regulations.
Establishment of a control system (AB and IG).
Dissemination of shared knowledge at the institutional and general public level on GIs and organic products.

Serbia, a candidate for integration into the EU since 2012 could, in a favorable scenario, be ready to join the EU by 2025.