New twinning project in Turkey : « Cross Compliance of agricultural aid »

Turkey has selected the consortium set up by Holland, France and Estonia to manage the twinning programme which will provide institutional support to the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture.

The overall goal of the project is to establish a set of cross-compliance rules which link the payment of agricultural supports for Turkish farmers to compliance with statutory management requirements related to the environment, to sound agricultural and environmental practices (GAEC), public, animal and plant health and animal welfare.

Cross compliance, effective in France since 2005, will guarantee a more sustainable agricultural system for Turkey and will encourage better acceptance of agricultural policy by the citizens.

This is in line with the requirements of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). As part of the pre-adhesion phase to which Turkey is committed, the outcome of this twinning will enhance the legislative alignment between the two partners.

This twinning project will be led by Alain Moulinier, France (MAAF/CGAAER). Fifteen short-term experts will be mobilized by the MAAF (DGPE, DGAL, DRAAF, DDT, CGAAER), l’ASP, l’APCA et France Vétérinaire Internationale., l’ASP, l’APCA et France Vétérinaire Internationale.

The year-long project with a budget of 1 M € (EU financing/IPA) is due to begin in January 2016.

This project will further enhance ongoing Franco-Turkish technical cooperation in the field of agriculture: IPARD, Territorial Development, Quality and Origin Identification Signs, Fisheries, Agricultural Advisory projects…

For further information: Rémi Proust (remi.proust (@)