New Twinning Project « Agricultural and Rural Policies» with Tunisia

Tunisia has just chosen the Franco-Italian consortium for a twinning project which will provide institutional support to the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture.  The overall goal of the twinning is to assist the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries in its move to improve the efficiency of Agricultural and Rural Policies and to encourage sustainable development in these sectors.

This twinning project will provide support in formalising the process of elaboration, implementation and monitoring of Agricultural and Rural Policies. This will be achieved through organising a network of competences of its structures, by upgrading the skills of personnel and by promoting the process of capitalisation/return of experience and gains of territory-based programmes by a process of dialogue with the relevant partner institutions. The project will also aim to set up a pilot scheme to support develoment projects in 5 rural areas in line with the « Leader » framework developed in Europe.



Since 2011 Tunisia has been at a decisive turning point in its history. It has been involved in a fundamental political, economic and social transformation process. The adoption of a new Constitution, Parliamentary and Presidential elections and the appointment of a Legislative Assembly are all steps towards the transition to democrary. However these steps need to be accompanied by wide-ranging reforms and concrete measures to ensure growth in order to address the major challenges faced by the country. In this context, the support provided by the European Union, in its various forms, cannot but promote the transition towards democracy and at the same time stengthen the ties between Tunisia and the European Union within the framework of a privileged partnership. It is within this context of change in Tunisia that the present twinning project is being organised in line with the EU revised Neighbourhood Policy.


Practical information

This twinning project will be led by Hervé Lejeune (MAAF/CGAAER) and co-ordinated in Tunisia by Thierry Bonnaud (MAAF/DGPE). Thirty short-term experts will be mobilised by the MAAF (SSP, SG, DGPE, CEP, CGAAER), l’ASP, Agreenium (CIRAD/INRA)…. The 1,5 M€ project (EU financing/ENPARD) is due to start in January 2016 for a 3-year period.

For further information:  Pierre Poussard (pierre.poussard (@)