Jatropha, first publications

Development support and restructuring of farmers’ organisations for Jatropha biofuel (oil and diesel) in West Africa. The project, under the contracting Authority of the Public Interest Grouping, Adecia, aims to provide support in the restructuring and development of the Jatropha-based biofuel network produced in a framework of contract-based farming in West Africa, mainly in Mali and Burkina Faso. The project will work in partnership with private local operators and the Authorities responsible for the development of public policies leading to a competitive biofuel sector in these countries.
The publication of both the studies and the results of the project will enhance the capitalistaion and the dissemination of the know-how acquired by the jatropha network in West Africa, particularly in Mali and Burkina Faso.
The three studies illustrate some of the research and development projects undertaken in the framework of this support programme. The results of the studies carried out by the operators in cooperation with research institutions will be published in a second volume.

Note sur les politiques publiques par Jean-Yves DUPRE

Dynamique de production du Jatropha au Burkina Faso par Bertranne VINAY et Guillaume VERMEULEN, ARP Developpement

Etude sur le decorticage et la valorisation des coques de Jatropha en Afrique de l’Ouest par Mamadou Bassirou SARR, Linpico