INAO International Network Day

On June 5 2018, the network of internationally involved INAO agents met in Tours for a day dedicated to cooperation projects around the signs of quality. Around twentyagents involved in all areas of expertise related to the public policy of SIQO (support for producers, control, local expertise and delimitation, legal protection, etc.) were able to exchange with each other and learn about the involvement of Adecia in this theme. Adecia is currently invested in several major cooperation programs on these subjects and this trend should be confirmed in the months and years to come.

Nicolas Perrin, Agricultural Affairs Advisor based in Ukraine, particularly active on SIQO in his area of ​​intervention (Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldavia, Georgia), Céline Meyer (from oriGIn association, structure dedicated to international lobbying for signs Originally linked to quality) and Emilie Vandecandelaere (FAO) were able to present their activities and in particular their vision of the role of GIs and French expertise on this topic in international cooperation.

This network day made it possible to mobilize or remobilise agents around their interest for cooperation and to facilitate their involvement in current and future actions, since cooperation projects can only live through the public expertise they carry .