In partnership with Italy, France wins the European twinning for the reinforcement of the systems of control and protection of Geographical Indications in Georgia

As a partner of the consortium led by Italy, the MAA will accompany Georgia for the future application of the EU common regulations on aspects related to Geographical Indications.

The project is expected to assist the Georgian National Intellectual Property Center – Sakpatenti, and other relevant actors, in creating legal, administrative and institutional mechanisms to strengthen GI protection and control systems and strengthen the capacity of Georgian institutions to implement and adopt European best practices.
This cooperation program is expected to start in February 2019 and should last two years. It will be organized around three components:
– Regulatory harmonization with European regulations
– Capacity building of competent structures (private and / or public) in the protection of products under “Geographical Indication”
– Organization of the product quality control system under “Geographical Indication”