Georgian delegation received in the South-West of France

From 24 to 28 April 2017, ADECIA organized, on behalf of the AFD, the hosting of a delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia to exchange views on the development model of French agriculture. The delegation included the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, the Head of Cooperatives, and the Head of the Financing Agency. This week of study mobilized a large number of agricultural actors, members and partners of ADECIA: chambers of agriculture, SAFER, PNR, cooperatives, as well as the decentralized services of the ministry and private actors of the agricultural world. Thanks to these players in the new Aquitaine region, the members of the delegation were able to grasp the main issues in response to their requests: organization of the agricultural professional world, establishment of the financing of agricultural structures and the advisory and management of land issues, deployment of the agricultural training system, etc. These exchanges, which were highly appreciated by the Georgian delegation, highlighted future cooperation between the Georgian and French institutions, in particular around wine production and the interest in developing quality chains.