From Lviv to Kiev, development of policies related to signs of quality in Ukraine

The French Embassy in Ukraine, with the support of Adecia, implemented in the summer of 2016 a French-Ukrainian cooperation program for the inventory of the food heritage of the Lviv region. The challenge of this program, co-financed by the MAEDI and MAA, was to assess the potential for development of quality signs related to origin in this province of western Ukraine.

This work has allowed the emergence of several products meeting all the conditions to eventually obtain the name of Geographical Indication (GI), including Brindza cheese, Carpathian honey and Yashko white beans.

French public experts gathered in Lviv last December to present the regional authorities and partners of the consortium winners of the Technical Assistance program “Support to the development of a geographical indications system” (Editor’s note: DMI Associates (Fr), GFA (All)) the methods and results obtained on these agricultural products.

The municipalities and regional authorities of Lviv are very attentive to the dynamics set up and have chosen to implement support methods for these producers who are committed to the quality of their production and the valorization of their terroirs. A first victory for the recognition of local products and producers.

It is necessary that local dynamics develop over the entire territory, in parallel with a national structuring on the issue of GIs. This implies the creation of effective support and control structures by the Ukrainian institutions.

The challenge today is to be able to capitalize on these first results and to reflect on their appropriation and declination in other Ukrainian regions in order to turn the issue of GIs into national level agricultural policy.