French experts to accompany the recognition of geographical viticultural indications in Armenia


Armenia is the cradle of wine production: the oldest traces of winemaking found there are more than 6100 years old! This viticultural tradition was, however, largely ignored during the Soviet era, when production was totally directed towards the production of brandy. Only a few farmers continued to produce their own wine for their personal consumption.

Today, we are witnessing a renewal of this sector, with new young and motivated actors ready to invest in the valorization of Armenian vineyards. And Armenia has many assets for that, first and foremost an exceptional terroir and unique grape varieties in the world (Areni, Voskehat …)

Three experts: an INAO engineer, an Alsatian viticulturist and the embassy’s agricultural affairs advisor, accompanied by two colleagues from ADECIA and the French Ministry of Agriculture, visited Armenia at the invitation of the Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia, to participate in a presentation and exchange seminar on the process of the recognition of geographical indications.

The aim was to evaluate with the Armenian partners – producers and administration – the possibilities to engage in a process of recognition of AOC or PGI wines. With the objective of allowing a better identification of Armenian wines on the national market and export, while revitalizing an agricultural sector, source of local development and enhancing the rich cultural and historical heritage of the country.

The exchanges were very fruitful and promising. They allowed French experts to make a first diagnosis of the potential for bilateral cooperation. The next step will be to build an exchange program, leading to the recognition of the first Armenian wine appellation.