French expertise in support of the potato sector in Uzbekistan



The EU-funded program “Sustainable Development of Rural Areas in Uzbekistan” has been running since 2016 in the field of sector -structuring between the European Consortium (of which Adecia is part of) and Uzbekistan.

Many missions have been carried out:
In particular, trainings for producers and processors of the potato industry. End of September and late November, the FN3PT expert visited the Fergana Valley. Several themes were discussed; harvest, conservation, varietal aspect, and quality for processing.

Adecia is planning the next planting in early March, which will be followed by two more missions between April and June 2018.

Several French potato varieties were planted in September and others will be planted in March such as Touareg, Désirée, Kenza … the use of these varieties coupled with training will help raise the awareness of Uzbek producers and institutions of the French offer.

French potatoes are taking a foothold in Uzbekistan.