Food safety expertise: support to AFD

FVI and ADECIA associated partners won a purchase order market for “food safety” expertise financed by AFD for a two years period in April 2016.

During this project, the two public operators will be responsible on behalf of AFD for implementing short-term missions in the following areas:

  • Strengthening institutions in charge to control food quality of animal (including fishing) and plant origin;
  • Strengthening institutions dedicated to the prevention and fight against animal and plant diseases;
  • Creation, development, and modernization of food storage and food processing industry.

These expertises will occur at different phases in AFD projects related to food safety: pre-identification, identification, analysis of feasibility studies, additional feasibility, project monitoring,  workshops and documentary research.

These missions will take place in all countries where AFD act.

FVI and ADECIA will mobilise a pool of pre-identified experts and additional thematic experts to achieve these missions in their respective fields of expertise (Plant Health and Plant Protection for ADECIA).