Exploratory mission to Kosovo

The French Embassy in Kosovo has been assisting the Kosovan Ministry of Agriculture in the definition and implementation of agricultural public policies for several years. More than 60% of Kosovo’s population lives in rural areas, and agriculture is therefore considered one of the areas of great potential for the country’s economic development.

Adecia, in close collaboration with the French Embassy, ​​has carried out a needs assessment and foresight mission of Franco-Kosovan cooperation axes that can be developed in the medium and short term in the agricultural field.

The French delegation was able to meet on the spot the Minister of Agriculture and all its directorates, farmers, processors and distributors including fruits and vegetables, wines and dairy products and international aid agencies such as the UNDP.
this mission, several avenues of collaboration must be deepened:

Identification of local products that can be part of a labeling process under “sign of quality linked to the origin”
Support to the structuring and professionalisation of the Kosovar wine sector
Reflection on initial training methods for agricultural professions

Adecia will accompany the Kosovar authorities in identifying appropriate cooperation tools (via bilateral and multilateral funding and programs).