Closing Seminar of the Twinning Program « Harmonization of Cross Compliance Rules » in Turkey

The last activities of the twinning program “Harmonization of Cross Compliance Rules” conducted in Turkey since the end of 2016 took place in Ankara last May before the closing seminar which brought together the Dutch, French, and Estonian representatives who accompanied this project. This twinning program mobilized various services and operators of the French Ministry of Agriculture and in particular the DGPE, the ASP and several decentralized service agents (DDT and DDPP) for a total of about 100 mand-day mobilized in Turkey by Adecia. This project has also proved to be a beautiful model of multilateral cooperation within the consortium Netherlands, France, Estonia, and for the benefit of Turkey. The complementarity of European expertise mobilized allowed a real technical enrichment for the Turkish administration but also for public officials who were able to apprehend other models implemented within the EU.