ADECIA selected as part of a consortium on a European Framework Contract

On May 11 2018, the consortium led by the French consulting firm SOFRECO was selected on a European framework contract “Services for the implementation of External Aid (SIEA)” for an amount of 125 million euros. The consortium, which includes ADECIA and FVI, several European partners (FCG International, FCG Swedish Development, FACTOR Ideas Integral Services, CREOCEAN, GAF AG, SOFRECO and Health Council) has positioned itself on lot 1 “sustainable management of natural resources and resilience.

This renewable two-year contract will allow experts from ADECIA members to be mobilized on missions focused on agriculture, forestry, fisheries, agri-food sectors, planning, climate change, and management of natural resources.

The request for expertise will be made through regular solicitations, generally launched by the Delegations to the European Union around the world, on these varied themes. It could be missions of a few days, or more substantial programs, up to 3 years, for budgets up to 1 million euros.

This consortium associating private structures and public administrations from different European countries is an opportunity to forge new partnerships on strategic projects at a global level.