Terms of intervention

Adecia’s actions are conducted with international donors or beneficiary countries (Morocco, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Cameroon, Croatia …), in fields as varied as the establishment and management of public policies, the organization of institutions , the organization of value-chains and markets, the sanitary quality of products, geographical indications, rural development, agricultural training and consulting, etc.

GIP ADECIA optimizes the mobilization of expertise and facilitates synergies between its members. It is mandated to mobilize their experts to take part in:

  • technical assistance contracts (Calls for tender, public procurement, OTC market)
  • technical and institutional cooperation projects (Twinning tool).


Focus on the involvement of France in the institutional twinning in Agriculture, food and rural development” areas

Twinning Logo The European “Twinning” tool is a great way to promote French public expertise abroad. Funded by the European Union, twinning is the main tool for institution building in the countries acceding to the EU and the countries of the European Neighbourhood Policy. Institutional twinning are technical partnerships between administrations of Member States of the European Union and the candidate countries for EU accession or the countries of European Union partners.

The French Ministry of Agriculture  decides on the participation of France to calls for twinning proposal. After the selection of the offer by the beneficiary countries, France receives EU grant to cover the costs generated by this technical partnership. This cooperation is formalized in a twinning contract between the two partner administrations, which specify the objectives and activities to be conducted with the help of a full-time expert seconded to the beneficiary countries and short term experts.

GIP ADECIA published a booklet on the involvement of France in the institutional twinning “Agriculture, food and rural development”. Based on examples of recent twinning led by France alone or in consortium with other Member States, the booklet shows the variety of topics covered, the 10 good reasons to participate in a twinning and explain how to become a twinning expert. Click here to download the booklet.

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