Operators of international technical expertise

Under Law No. 2014-773 of 7 July 2014 on the development policy and international solidarity which provides that the French agency for international technical expertise, called Expertise France, aims to bring together all specialized operators of international technical cooperation, ADECIA works in partnership with 7 operators to strengthen the French offer of technical expertise and help meet the multi-sectoral issues such as the consideration of climate change.

logo_ciepCIEP : Reference and main operator partner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development for the French language, CIEP contributes to the reflection in the field of international cooperation in education and relies on a network of national and international experts and partners.


logo_cfiCFI : CFI is implementing the French policy support for South Media development on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. It assists public and private actors in the media sector to strengthen the processes of modernization and democratization that France wishes to support.

logo_civipolCIVIPOL : Consulting and advisory service of the French Ministry of Interior, Civipol leads large-scale international projects for audits, consulting, technical assistance and training in police and security sectors.


logo_EFExpertise France : Expertise France is the agency for international technical expertise of France. It was born from the merging of six public operators: ADECRI, ADETEF, FEI, GIP Esther, GIP International and GIP SPSI. Under the joint supervision of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economy, the new agency fully acts within the framework of external development policy, solidarity and influence of France. It operates in over 80 countries.

log_Fvi2FVI : Under supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, GIP FVI aims to federate, promote and coordinate internationally, the French veterinary expertise. FVI is part of the general guidelines of the international cooperation policy of France and as part of the promotion of health French model hinged on a dynamic partnership between public services and the private sector.

logo-jciJCI : Created in 2012 at the initiative of the Ministry of Justice, of the School of Magistrates, School of Prison Administration and legal professionals, GIP Justice International Cooperation aims to develop technical cooperation, legal and judiciary, and promote human rights and the rule of law through multilateral cooperation programs.

logo_sfereSFERE : Created in 1984, SFERE aims to contribute to the development of knowledge and expertise, participate in the overall educational mission, enhance skills with particular targeting on women and men in emerging or developing countries.

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