First Potato Harvest of the project “Sustainable Development of Rural Areas in Uzbekistan”


On July 4, the Potato Field Day was organized on the trial site of the Andijan Research Institute, one of the main partners of the project, and were present the representatives of the Ministry of Economy,  Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, as well as the European Union and other national partners.


Preceding the harvest of a few days, the Potato Field Day made it possible to assess the progress of the project and its results. The varieties imported in March 2018 from France were presented and the future harvest estimated. This event also allowed the participants of the study visit organized in June in Paris to share their experiences and to exchange with the representatives of the ministries and the farmers of the region.

Mr. Malet was also able to share his vision of the future development of the sector in Uzbekistan, the points that remain to be improved, and the progress already made.

The next season will start in mid-July and will end in November with the organization of a tasting day of potatoes harvested in October.